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Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy 2011

The Rajasthan State will promote setting up of solar power projects. The total capacity under this category will be distributed equally between SPV and solar concentrating thermal power plants.
Government of Rajasthan has already issued a Policy for harnessing Renewable Energy in Rajasthan in year 2004. Based on the progressive views adopted in past five years in respect of solar generation under this Policy, Rajasthan State is in the advanced stage of preparedness for installation of large scale Grid Interactive Solar Power Plants in next 5 to 10 years. 
Rajasthan has come up with an new Solar Energy Policy, named as, Rajasthan Solar Policy 2011. The State of Rajasthan receives maximum solar radiation intensity in India with very low average rainfall. It also has unutilized low cost desert land available in abundance. Therefore, Rajasthan is likely to emerge as the global hub for solar power in the country. 
Highlights of the Rajasthan Solar Policy 2011 as explained are -

A) Projects to come up Under Rajasthan Solar Policy (Separate from JNNSM)

Setting up of Solar Power Plants in Rajasthan for direct sale to Discoms of Rajasthan:

The Rajasthan State will promote setting up of solar power projects for direct sale to Discoms of Rajasthan. The total capacity under this category will be distributed equally between SPV and concentrated solar energy based power plants. The total maximum capacity
under this category for phase-1 (up to 2013) and phase-2 (2013-2017) would be as follows:

-Phase-1(up to 2013)

Maximum Capacity to be developed 200 MW

Phase-2 (2013 -2017)

Maximum Capacity to be developed 400 MW (Additional)

Selection of these Solar Power Projects shall be through tariff based competitive bidding process. The State Government may undertake the review of targets mentioned above as and when the need arises in view of any technological breakthrough resulting in substantial decrease in cost of Solar Power generation.

B) Setting up of 1 MW Rooftop Solar Power Plants

The State will promote setting up of small solar power plants connected at 11 kV grid of 1 MW capacity each for direct sale to State Discoms of Rajasthan. The total capacity under this category will be 50 MW. The selection of the projects will be through tariff based competitive bidding process. Allocation for Solar Power Plant for promotion of manufacturing facilities in the State.

The Rajasthan State will promote Solar Power Producers to set up Solar Power Plants along with Solar Photovoltaic manufacturing plants in Rajasthan. The target under this category will be 200 MW up to 2013. This will result in establishment of 500 MW per annum of SPV manufacturing capacity in the State.

Those Solar Power Producers who establish SPV manufacturing plants (thin film technology modules or crystalline technology modules involving processing from wafers stage) of minimum 25 MW per annum capacity in Rajasthan will be eligible for sanction of SPV based Solar Power Plant.

The capacity allocation for manufacturing

Manufacturing Plant and Capacity per year allocation for SPV based Solar Power Plant :

1. More than 25 MW but less than 50 MW – 10 MW SPV allocation
2. 50 MW and above – 20 MW SPV allocation

The selection of developers shall be through tariff based competitive bidding. The Solar Power Producer will be required to source SPV modules from their own manufacturing unit established in Rajasthan.

C) Deposit increased from Rs. 25000/- to Rs.50000/-

The Solar Power Producer will deposit an amount of Rs. 50000/- per MW with RREC towards processing fee, which shall be non-refundable. The service taxes etc. shall also be payable extra as applicable from time to time.

World Famous Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary Will Implement Solar Power Soon

Some more positive developments on the Solar Power front in Rajasthan! This effort will surely help Rajasthan rise up the popularity charts with environmentalists riding on the popularity of the World famous Keoladeo bird sanctuary, Bharatpur - just a few hours away from the capital city of Jaipur.
The Keoladeo bird sanctuary in Bharatpur would soon be contributing to conservation in more ways than one. Apart from being one of the finest birding areas, the sanctuary would soon go solar. It will be one of its only kind of park to be completely free from conventional energy sources.
According to R N Mehrotra, principal chief conservator of forest and head of forest forces, Rajasthan, "Work is on at the sanctuary to make it go solar. All sources using conventional energy would be replaced with those dependent on solar energy."
This would not only include lighting but air-conditioners in offices and guest houses. "The move will help us reduce carbon footprints. We will not be using any planetary energy source eventually. The project, in collaboration with the Centre, will be implemented by the Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited (RRECL). Work has already begun and is expected to be completed within a year," he added.
News source: Times of India

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Solar Energy News - Jaipur Rajasthan

Over the years, Rajasthan has been witnessing increasing interest in Solar Energy Solutions for a self-sustaining state. Government has been providing awareness as well as programs to increase the adoption of Solar Solutions through out the state. In similar endeavor, a 2 day state level conference on power and energy systems was held in Rajasthan Technical University on Saturday.

Excerpts : Source TOI
The state will become self-sufficient in power by 2013, said minister for energy and higher education Jitendra Singh. He was speaking at the inaugural of two-day state-level conference on Power and Energy Systems-2011 at Rajasthan Technical University on Saturday. "Our daily power requirement is 1,300 lakh unit against a generation of 1,150 lakh unit," said the minister.

The Union government's Jawahar Solar Mission scheme will help generate 1,000 MW of electricity from solar energy and it will end power-cut in the state. In this project, the state will generate upto 1,500 MW in 2013, 3,000 MW in 2017 and 20,000 MW in 2020.

Talking about the potential of solar energy in state, he said: "A 100 sq km of land in Jaisalmer can produce one lakh MW of power in 320 sunny days." He said that there are latest technology in which solar energy can be transmitted to grid via satellite. Harnessing power from solar energy is much more cost-effective than thermal power. Generating 500 MW of solar energy requires Rs 15 to 16 crore against over Rs 30 crore from thermal energy. The minister also said that super-critical power plants will come up in Suratgarh, Chhabra and Banswara. It will bring significant improvement in the power scenario and act as a boost for industrialisation in state. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

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